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Latte Art

Here is some latte art from my net and few of my own Some Easy ones to start with This is my all time fav Here is some I made one day but I will try and do some more Read more →

Naked/Bottomless Portafilter

When I first started playing with coffee I spent ages on the internet reading all the information I could, trying to get tips, tricks and any general points to follow. During my search I found Coffee Dominion (Townsville Coffee Roaster). Initially I went in to just get some fresh beans (Remember that Fresh GOOD Beans and a good grinder is… Read more →

Brewing Beer/Cider In Townsville

As many of us already know, nothing beats having a refreshing drink after work or a busy day. I initially started like most with a basic coopers home brew kit from Big W or something. This kit was very handy starting tool with its plastic bottles so they couldn't explode and the training DVD. Coopers kits come with EVERYTHING you… Read more →

Best Free Applications For Windows

I just thought I would write a quick list of the FREE Applications that I use Free Internet Browser Firefox With out a doubt firefox has to be the best piece of free software known to man. Firefox is in my mind the best Web Browser. It works on all operating systems. Currently Firefox has the second largest chunk of… Read more →

Vista Update Batch File

      The worst thing about rebuilding your machine after a virus or just to give your machine a fresh lease on life is sitting there for 2 days installing all your applications and getting everything back to how you had it. After doing this numerous times and to assist friends and family I thought I would do something about this.… Read more →

Editing Smoothwall/Linux

This information may be useful for Windows users like me who are not experienced with editing or transferring Smoothwall/Linux files across a network. I have made this post long, perhaps painfully long, to cover every detail a new Linux user is likely to need on this topic. Introduction Windows computer users can view and edit Smoothwall’s configuration files using familiar… Read more →

Townsville Coffee

Well anyone who plays and loves coffee knows, coffee beans are the key part of a good or bad coffee. Of course it’s easier to get your beans from Gloria Jeans or Woolies but you will never make a good cup of coffee. Gloria Jeans might spend a fortune on machines to roast their beans but freshness is one thing… Read more →

Vista Tweak Guide

Number one: Disable UAC User Account Control or UAC is a new feature in Vista that asks for permission to do system software tasks and also run programs. Unfortunately, this security feature is also annoying. II cannot predict the future of your system or what kind of security vulnerabilities will be used to attack systems, and as such, you need… Read more →