Brewing Beer/Cider In Townsville

As many of us already know, nothing beats having a refreshing drink after work or a busy day. I initially started like most with a basic coopers home brew kit from Big W or something. This kit was very handy starting tool with its plastic bottles so they couldn't explode and the training DVD. Coopers kits come with EVERYTHING you need to make your first batch of home brewed beer, which is think it exactly what a new comer to the home brew scene needs. If you are like me though, you do slowly get sick of cleaning bottles etc. If this is the case you can then upgrade to KEGS!!!!! When I first looked into kegs I went to The Homebrewers Warehouse where I met Youngy. That morning with youngy I thought my brain would turn to mush with all the information that he was giving me. Youngy is a bit of a guru when it comes to homebrew. He has 3 national titles and tonnes of state titles for brewing beer.
After that a few days I walked back into youngy's and walked out with 2 kegs and all the other gear needed.

Kegs VS Bottles

Kegs are expensive

Bottles need to be individually cleaned and you only have to clean 1 keg.

Minimum of 4 weeks before you can drink your bottled beer. Bottling your beer you need to have you beer in your fermenter for a minimum of a week and then a minimum of 2 weeks in the bottle (highly recommend leaving them longer in the bottle). Kegs are 2 weeks in the fermenter and 2 days of gasing.

Some Tips

Go See Youngy!!!!!

When your keg is getting low, pour your remaining beer into a 2ltr bottle so you can start gasing your new keg (This is only needed if you don't have a spare keg or you have only 2 kegs and your partner is into brewing as well 😉

Did I mention you need to see Youngy!!!!

I Will Add More ASAP

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