Best Free Applications For Windows

I just thought I would write a quick list of the FREE Applications that I use

Free Internet Browser


With out a doubt firefox has to be the best piece of free software known to man. Firefox is in my mind the best Web Browser. It works on all operating systems. Currently Firefox has the second largest chunk of users on the internet only behind Internet Explorer which is in built to Windows. Once you download Firefox you will never go back

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As Well as being the most reliable and most secure, you can also use ADD ON’s to improve and customize your firefox. I recommend and use

Adblock Plus (Blocks ad’s on wedsites)

Video Download Helper (To Capture Video and Music from webiste)

Down Them All!!! (Very good download tool)

Fast Dial (Open and new Tab and select from your commonly used sites)

Free Photo Editing Software


This is a free image and photo editing software for the windows operating system. It started development as an undergraduate college senior design project mentored by Microsoft, and is currently being maintained by some of the alumni that originally worked on it. Basically I think of it as Adobe Photoshop for home users and for people who don’t wish to pay the insane price for Photoshop

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Free Compression Software


This is an Open Source piece of software that is free to use. This is a great replacement for WinZip, WinRar etc.

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Free Office Suite

Open Office

Open Office is a free Office suite. I have never used this suite personally but I have very good feedback for users who have

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Free Anti Virus

Microsoft Essentials

Microsoft got sick of people saying that “Windows” gets viruses. Windows can get viruses but that usually caused by silly mistakes by users and having over 90% of the world wide computer market. Why write a OSX (Apple) virus when you have a less that 1 in chance that the person that attacking actually has your target operating system. To fix this, Microsoft just went out and bought a Anti Virus company and then tweaked their product and now give out Microsoft Security Essentials out for FREE! Easily one of the most used and highly regarded Anti Viruses out today. Why pay $90 a yr to run Nortons that crushes your computer when MSE is free and runs very very very well

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This list is far from all the great free software out there.

I also have to mention Filehippo Update Tool. This will check all your currently installed programs and let you know which programs have been updated.

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  1. admin
    November 22, 2009 at 11:35 am

    I have just added a few more applications as well as Filehippo Update tool.
    Hope this helps everyone out

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